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Organizational  Background Information

Name of Organisation: Ekhlaspur Center of Health (ECOH)

Founded: 8 May 1999

Founded by: Dr. Mostafa Zaman of Ekhlaspur, Matlab – North, Chandpur, Bangladesh,

Language/s used: Bengali/ English

Geographical area of activity: Ekhlaspur Union of Matlab North Upazila, Chandpur District, Bangladesh. It is 60 kilometres away from Dhaka city but the road distance is 80 kilometer. The area is in fact an island surrounded by two rivers, Meghna and Dhonakoda. Paved roads have recently been constructed. River transport has been the only mode of communication with nearby towns, Chandpur and Narayanganj. The water transport system still remains primitive and far from being safe and fast. Because the roads connect the towns through an indirect network, water transport still remains the most popular mode of transport.

Mission statement: Prevent diseases and promote health through a comprehensive intervention of public awareness, behavioural change communications, health checks, health camps, treatment, and other preventive measures such as vaccination.

Vision statement: People of Ekhlaspur enjoy the highest attainable level of health and no one dies without getting treatment irrespective of their economic capability.

Research activities: Conduction of epidemiological research activities with focus on non-communicable diseases and their risk factors so that appropriate control measures can be taken.

Major sources of funding: Voluntary donations, and outpatient fees and sharing of laboratory costs

Partnerships: One of the biggest strengths of ECOH is that it is operated and managed by the local community mostly out of their own resources. It is open to partnership. For example, it has collaborated with icddrb and the National Heart Foundation on child health and tobacco control, respectively. It has been a member of the model village initiative of the Bureau of Health Education of the Government of Bangladesh. This has addressed issues like hand washing, dietary salt and anti-tobacco messages. Yard meeting started in 2007 are still being done. Results of interventions and surveys have been published in peer-reviewed journals. 

 Contact person: Professor Dr. Jasimuddin Ahmed, Honorary Director, ECOH, Ekhlaspur, Matlab North, Chandpur 3641, Bangladesh. Email: