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Healthy Ekhlaspur

 Lifestyle factors that contribute to better health were considered for intervention. These were: Tobacco, diet including salt intake, physical activity, and hand washing.

1. Tobacco: 2001 survey on  CVD risk factors gave us a recommendation that tobacco control measures have to be intensified because rates of tobacco use were very high. Tobacco has two major categories: (a) smoking tobacco such as cigarettes and biri, and (b) smokeless form such as zarda, sada pata, pan mashala, gul. Tobacco, in general, is equally prevalent in men and women. ECOH has been implementing a tobacco-free Ekhlaspur campaign since 2001. Several cross-sectional surveys have been conducted to monitor tobacco use along with other factors. Results indicate an impressive reduction of tobacco use: about one-third from 2001 to 2015. This was possible through rallies, observance of World No Tobacco Day, opinion leaders meeting, smoke-free public places, awareness building through the distribution of IEC materials, counselling for tobacco quitting tobacco, engaging school children for making homes smokefree, school health programme, drama and music competitions, and lot more.

 2. Diet including salt intake: Harmful effects of excess salt intake was communicated to people through yard meetings. This communication was sent to all participants of ECOH periodic surveys. ECOH hypertension and diabetes clinic patients were regularly counselled to reduce tobacco consumption. This is asked to all outpatients and necessary advice is given. All yard meetings covered dietary salt reduction message. ECOH has been educating people on the consumption of locally available fruit and vegetables considering their health benefits.

3. Physical activity: Obesity has been growing in Ekhlaspur as measured by body mass index and abdominal girth. Therefore in all opportunities ECOH doctors and staff educate people to be more active and participate in sports.

4. Hand washing: Nosocomial infection has long been considered a health hazard. ECOH has been organizing demonstrations on handwashing since 2007. Hand washing is a component of ECOH's periodic yard meetings.