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Ekhlaspur village

The name of the village is Ekhlaspur where the Founder, Dr M Mostafa Zaman, was born. Ekhlaspur is located in Matlab North Upazila of Chandpur District in Bangladesh. It is 60 kilometers to the southeast of Dhaka using a road network up to Narayanganj town and then by waterway to Ekhlaspur. However, an indirect road communication distance via Daudkandi is about 85 Km. River transport has been the only feasible mode of communication to nearby towns, Chandpur and Narayanganj. But the water transport system still remains primitive. 

Matlab North (including Ekhlaspur) is, in fact an island, surrounded by two rivers, Meghna and Dhonakoda. It is an agricultural area. People still have traditional lifestyles. Paved roads have recently been constructed and electricity has been introduced. Some of the inhabitants have been working in towns and overseas supplementing their family's main agricultural income. Literacy rate is fairly good because of three primary and one seconday schools located in the village. As of 2015, there are 7942 people living in 1036  households (khana).  Joint families are stlll existent.